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Status: Currently working a long term engagement with Redcley Consulting and Microsoft.

"Craig is an excellent, dependable worker. His detailed, technical expertise is highly valued. Craig is extremely versatile with both hardware and software skills. This talent is rare, and as a manager gave me many options in giving Craig urgent, complex assignments. I would definitely recommend Craig as a hire."

  Siemens Medical Solutions - Chris Sanders

"It was a real pleasure to work with Craig. His work ethic and caliber set the bar for the team. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Craig will take something of value away. Any company that has the opportunity to bring him on will be getting the advantage on their competition. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Craig again."

  Honeywell - David F. Jones

Article: "A Techromancer's Work is Never Done: The Lives of Engineers at Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum"

University World Academic Rankings - See: University of Washington

RESUME - Hardware and Software Design (click the picture, or here)

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