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Fun isn't always about games. Fun can be watching your project get off the ground the first time, or watching that "Ah, ha!" moment when someone learns something new.

Here are links to a few things I found interesting. There is even a link to the GNU website of engineering tools I'd like to explore. I hope you also find these entertaining.

Craig Arno

Star Trek Continues - The lost Season 4 and 5? (you decide)
Making the Invisible Visible - Don Petit (Short Version)
The Machine that Changed the World (Video)
Flight 405, The Movie
If 405 Movie Site Links are broken, a copy of the movie is on this server Here
Bubble Wrap - Worthless, but entertaining!

Words to Avoid (GNU Philosophy)

GNU Design/CAD tools [HW]
GNU Design tools [SW]

List of Network Buses


  • This WikiPedia article is a decent read and specifically mentions EEPROMs,
    includes sample code for software I2C bus implementations.

  • A good overview of the I2C bus protocol.
    Includes physical addressing, electrical connectivity.
    Clock stretching, master and slave devices.

  • Sparkfun have a decent I2C guide which is an easy 15 minutes read.

SMBus - Comparing the I²C Bus to the SMBus

SPI Bus - Serial Peripheral Interface

CAN Bus - High speed differential automotive bus